Advancing Access & Inclusion in Emergency Management

Griffin is a full-service hazard management consulting firm focused on building inclusive and resilient communities. We provide unmatched expertise on emergency preparedness, planning, operations, and social vulnerability to hazards. Griffin operates with a firm foundation in honesty and integrity, providing our community with support they can trust that is sustainable for years to come.

Griffin LLC is certified as a:

Charlotte, a woman with light skin and dark hair; Sandra, a woman with light skin and brown hair, Cara, a woman with dark skin, light hair and glasses; all appear in seperate screens during a webinar. The text " Do you face discrimination as a service dog handler?" appears in a red banner below.

Decades of experience identifying vulnerabilities to hazards and building community resilience means Griffin can advise you on how to best keep you and your communities safe.

The Griffin team are experts at developing prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and long-term recovery plans for emergencies and all types of hazards.

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Maintaining continuity of operations, developing sustainable strategy, and fine-tuning management operations is an essential component of successful businesses, especially during times of crisis; let Griffin's experts guide you through the process.

Griffin LLC was the first DC Certified Business Enterprise to be approved for a Kiva loan through DC's Department of Small and Local Business Development!

Kiva is a global microlending platform recognized for its work in publications like TIME and by philanthropists like Oprah.

Griffin is proud to share that our campaign was funded within 3 days by lenders all over the world! Though our Kiva campaign is no longer active, you can always support our mission by sending money directly through PayPal at, supporting our Patreon at, or donating to our GoFundMe at

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