Griffin LLC believes strongly that we must be part of the community in order to foster resilience among its citizens. Our team shares their perspective with a variety of audiences on how hazard management and resilience intersect with identity, culture, and disability. This page is updated regularly to report on our engagement with the community and to highlight venues featuring our team's voices. 

Latest News

January 17, 2023 Griffin and Fitch and Associates presented "Working with Working Dogs in Public Safety,"a Pinnacle Webinar Series

Griffin Director of Operations Charlotte Stasio and the Fitch & Associates, LLC Team Tuesday, delivered an informative webinar on the challenges and opportunities working dogs represent for public safety personnel.

Check back soon for a video recording!

Working with Working Dogs in Public Safety 

The logos for Griffin, Fitch & Associates, and the Pinnacle Webinar Series appear on a blue background. The webinar title "Working with Working Dogs in Public Safety" is seen above a picture of service dog Noni, a black and brown German Shepherd, on the floor of an ambulance.

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November 16, 2022 Griffin presented "Strength in Vulnerability: Why Stoicism Hurts our Responders' Mental Health" at IAEM 2022 Conference

Griffin's presentation was selected for the International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) 70th Annual Conference & EMEX in Savannah, GA Griffin Director of Operations Charlotte Stasio delivered an interactive and engaging conversation about mental health challenges faced by first responders. She provides best practices for responders to safeguard their mental health without falling into a harmful pattern of a stoic mindset. 

A woman with light skin and blonde hair in an EMS uniform sits in the drivers seat of an ambulance. The presentation title, Strength in Vulnerability: Why Stoicism Hurts our Responders' Mental Health is found at the top. IAEM logo and conference info and Griffin's logo can be seen at the bottom.

October 26, 2022 Griffin and Epicenter Innovation Present "Is This for Me? Accessibility for Practitioners of Emergency Management"

Bryan Russell, Emergency Management Coordinator at Disability Rights Florida, and Charlotte Stasio, Director of Operations at Griffin LLC, discussed how to improve accessibility in the emergency management profession.  Topics included how to create accessibility in emergency operations centers, inclusive recruitment practices, and building trust between emergency managers and the community. 

September 20, 2022 "Pawsitive Interactions with Service Dogs" at the 2022 Mid Atlantic Life Safety Conference

Griffin Founder Cg Garrard, Director of Operations Charlotte Stasio, and Service Dog Noni present a session of Pawsitive Interactions with Service Dogs During Response Operations at the 2022 Mid Atlantic Life Safety Conference, brought to the community by the Fire and Burn Safety Coalition of Maryland. Back in person at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Laurel MD, this important event brings "timely and relevant life safety information, guidance, resources, and useful ideas directly to the career and volunteer emergency services community." The Griffin Team is proud to contribute our expertise on advocating for service dogs and their handlers in emergency situations at this conference.

Learn more about MALSC 2022

The logo for the Mid Alantic Life Safety conference - a dark red circle with a lighter red circle inside with a triangle warning symbol showing flames. The conference name appears on a banner below.

July 21, 2022 Griffin presented "Trans/Humanity: Body Autonomy and Homeland Security" at the Mazzoni Center 2022 Trans Wellness Conference

Griffin Director of Operations Charlotte Stasio presented "Trans/Humanity: Body Autonomy and Homeland Security" at the Mazzoni Center 2022 Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference.

This session illustrated the connection between resilience and body autonomy and provide tools/best practices for positive interactions between security officials and the trans community. Charlotte discussed the risk of discrimination and anti-trans violence while defending against domestic terrorism.

Just some of the great feedback included:

A person with light skin, short hair, & a black shirt holds the pink, white, & blue trans flag above their head in the wind. In the background, a wide shot of airport security can be seen. The title "Trans/Humanity: Body Autonomy and Homeland Security," Griffin's logo & the Mazzoni logo can be seen

July 20, 2022 Director of Operations Charlotte Stasio Featured in Philadelphia Gay News

Griffin Director of Operations Charlotte Stasio was quoted in this article from The Philadelphia Gay News about her presentation at the Mazzoni Center Trans Wellness Conference, Trans/Humanity: Body Autonomy and Homeland Security. The presentation focused on the intersection of gender identity, body autonomy, and homeland security. 

In the article, Charlotte states:  “We want to get people to understand the differences between what might be considered suspicious activity, or what’s actually something to do with a person being in the middle of transition or having issues with their documentation or things going on with their physical anatomy...We want to get them a sense of what the guidance from the Department of Homeland Security says and some of the challenges and pitfalls there.”

Spring, 2022 Griffin featured in The Dialogue newsletter from SAMHSA

Griffin is proud to have our original work featured in the upcoming Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) newsletter, The Dialogue. Our article, How Service Animals Empower People with Disabilities in Disasters, discusses the unique challenges and opportunities involved with serving citizens with access and functional needs during an emergency.  

The Dialogue is "a quarterly newsletter for disaster behavioral health coordinators, local service providers, federal agencies, and nongovernmental organizations." Check back soon for a link to the publication!

March 17, 2022 Director of Operations Charlotte Stasio Featured on The Todd De Voe Show alongside IAEM President

Griffin Director of Operations Charlotte Stasio joined International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM) President Carolyn Harshman on the Todd De Voe Show for the episode "Breaking The Glass Ceiling as The First Gay President of IAEM."

A great conversation about about meaningful diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in emergency management took place. Charlotte also shared her story as a trans woman navigating coming out in the world of government contracting and emergency management.

Watch above on YouTube or check out the recording of the LinkedIn livestream.

February, 2022 Welcome Team Griffin Intern, Mohamed Osman

Welcome Mohamed Osman as our Team Griffin Intern! In this role, he conducts in-depth research on a range of topics related to emergency management, community resilience, and equity and inclusion in public safety. Mohamed will also help Griffin develop and deliver our innovative cultural competency trainings (including Pawsitive Interactions with Service Dogs).

Mohamed is a student at Farmingdale State College majoring in Science, Technology and Society. Mohamed plans to pursue a career as a Physician’s Assistant and already has experience in the healthcare field as a pharmacy technician and EMS Volunteer. He is driven by a desire to help others and learn all he can about how practices and polices impact the lives of citizens in our communities.

January 20, 2022 Griffin Contributed to ShakeAlert Listening Session

Griffin contributed our perspective in an important listening session from the U.S. Geological Survey’s on their ShakeAlert early earthquake warning system. This initiative aims to convene professionals that can speak on considerations when messaging to people with disabilities, underserved and marginalized communities, and others who may be vulnerable.

December 6, 2021 Pawsitive Interactions with Service Dogs at NIH DFRS

Griffin visited the National Institute of Health's (NIH) Bethesda, MD campus to conduct 2 sessions of our training program on interacting with service dogs during everyday and crisis situations. The NIH Division of Fire and Rescue Services (DFRS) is a highly specialized response agency responsible for guarding against HAZMAT and other unique hazards at the nation’s medical research agency. The first responders in attendance were highly engaged and contributed valuable feedback to further improve our content. Medics, EMTs, Firefighters, and other staff interacted with Service Dog Noni in a simulated response situation on a DFRS critical care ambulance.

This training was made possible in part by a generous grant from the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council (MDDC).

November 19, 2021 Griffin Webinar with Fidos for Freedom

Griffin hosted webinar on the topic What People with Service Dogs Want You to Know in partnership with Fidos for Freedom.

Watch the video recording to learn how you can be an advocate and get your questions answered by this panel discussion on the role of service dogs in the lives of people with disabilities.

"The goal of the IAEM Annual Conference is to improve your knowledge, competency level and collaborative skills."

Cg Garrard, Sophia Rutti, and Charlotte Stasio presented Pawsitive Interactions with Service Dogs during Response Operations: Best Practices and Live Demonstration at the International Association of Emergency Managers 69th Annual Conference & EMEX in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Griffin earned one of the highest reviews for sessions at the conference, with a 4.79 / 5. Participants learned about the Americans with Disabilities Act, best practices for first responders, and interacted with service dog Noni on stage.

AUGUST 17, 2021 Cg Garrard on NBC 4

On August 17, 2021 Griffin Owner Cg Garrard's appearance on the NBC 4 Washington "Working 4 You" segment was broadcast. She discussed why she founded our company and the amazing success we had with the Kiva microlending platform.

Watch the segment below. Special thanks to NBC Washington Reporter Justin Finch!

Griffin Owner Cg Garrard participated in the first ever webinar series for IAEM Region 9! This webinar series, as an IAEM R9 Presidential promise of engagement, will bring awareness to the Region and will be the provided space for conversation on topics that impact the emergency management field. 

Cg Garrard participated as a panelist speaker in the second webinar of the series, "Diversity in Emergency Management.

JULY 15, 2021 NBC 4 Interview with Justin Finch 

Cg Garrard and Kristi C. Whitfield, Director, Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) met with Justin Finch of NBC4 Washington to talk about Griffin's experience with The DC Kiva Hub!

"The 46th Annual Natural Hazards Research and Applications Workshop will be organized around the theme of The Hazards and Disaster Workforce: Preparing to Meet 21st Century Challenges." 

Cg Garrard and Charlotte Stasio facilitated the session Pawsitive Interactions—Helping Responders Work with Service Dogs on Sunday, July 11.

JUNE 14, 2021 Griffin designated as DC Equity Impact Enterprise (EIE)

Griffin LLC is now certified by the District as an EIE, based on the Equity Impact Enterprise Establishment Amendment Act of 2020 (D.C. Law 23-0149). The EIE category is defined as:

"A business enterprise that is a resident- owned business and a small business enterprise that can demonstrate that it is at least 51% owned by an individual who is, or a majority number of individuals who are: “(A) Economically disadvantaged individuals; or “(B) Individuals who have been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias because of their identity as a member of a group without regard to their individual qualities."

The new EIE category provides a business with five (5) additional preference points or a ten (10) percent price reduction, pursuant to the law.

Griffin Owner Cg Garrard, was featured on an episode of AEMO's Fast Four sharing 4 minutes of advice for aspiring emergency managers. You can watch on their YouTube Channel and join their LinkedIn Group

JUNE 2, 2021 Griffin's Kiva Loan Campaign

Griffin LLC was proud to be the first DC Certified Business Enterprise to be approved for a Kiva loan through DC Department of Small & Local Business Development (DSLBD)! Kiva is a global microlending platform recognized for its work in publications like TIME and by philanthropists like Oprah. Griffin staff and consultants are excited to share that the loan was funded within 3 days by lenders all over the world!

Though our Kiva campaign is no longer active, you can always support our mission by sending money directly through PayPal at or Patreon!

MAY 21, 2021 EMS Week 2021 with Annabelle and DC FEMS

Therapy Dog Annabelle spent an hour cuddling DC Fire and EMS Department at Engine Co 2 on May 21st. Therapy dogs, unlike service dogs, are available to support the general public by encouraging an increase in oxytocin and dopamine, and a decrease cortisol levels in the body. Contact me for training on how service dogs (regulated by federal law) and therapy dogs are different and how the law impacts emergency response operations. Contact us to talk about training available for your staff.