LGBTQ+ Population

Griffin's LGBTQ+ cultural competency training courses discuss key considerations for emergency management and public safety practitioners when encountering this diverse population. Training participants will explore situational awareness, body autonomy, and learning opportunities to foster positive interactions with the LGBTQ+ community in everyday situations and in times of crisis. Griffin's LGBTQ+ cultural competency trainings include multiple concepts and considerations for gender identity and sexual orientation and informed approaches to improve effective and efficient outcomes.

Trans/Humanity: Body Autonomy & Homeland Security

Transgender and gender non-conforming people are at high risk of discrimination - resulting in harassment, violence, and poverty. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidance urges community members to “see something, say something,” particularly when it comes to “misrepresentation” as a sign of suspicious activity, putting transgender persons at risk of experiencing security-related scrutiny and compromised body autonomy.

A slide from Griffin's trans cultural competency training showing a female TSA agent patting down a female travel. The title "Spotlight: Traveling while Trans" appears in the upper right.

Trans/Humanity: Body Autonomy and Homeland Security teaches participants to identify the ways in which advocating for the body autonomy of all individuals supports homeland security objectives. The presentation illustrates the harm and misplaced resources of current systems and methods.

This training is perfect for agencies and organizations with public-facing security missions. We help your staff differentiate between true suspicious activity and gender-related misrepresentation. Our trainers clarify the risk of discrimination and anti-transgender violence in the context of homeland security. We also demonstrate the connection between resilience and body autonomy, and provide tools/best practices for meaningful interaction.

Trans/Humanity: Body Autonomy and Homeland Security was a featured presentation at the 2022 Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference from the Mazzoni Center.

Read Director of Operations Charlotte Stasio's quote in Philadelphia Gay News: Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference celebrates 20 years

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Praise for Trans/Humanity: Body Autonomy and Homeland Security

  • "Knowing how homeland security approaches things helps me understand why trans & non-binary people get targeted."

  • "Very informative. Learning about the process of going through TSA was helpful to know. It will allow me to prepare better when I have to travel."

  • (Griffin) "provided the information in a way that was very easy to understand, including real-life examples."

  • "I loved how inclusive and accessible it was."

  • "I appreciated the overview of current policy and law regarding trans folks’ interactions with the Department of Homeland Secruity."

A slide from Griffin's training showing many aspects of suspicious indicators for homeland security.