Employer reimbursement Template

Copy and paste then update the following template with your personal information and your employer information. Please contact info@griffinworks.org if you have any questions. Thank you! - Griffin LLC



In order to advance my professional development with [COMPANY/ORGANIZATION], I am submitting this letter to request reimbursement for an innovative new training program from Griffin LLC, a hazard-management consulting and training firm. The course, called Pawsitive Interactions with Service Dogs During Response Operations ©, is a one-of-a-kind, audience-customized training that breaks down barriers by offering practical handling training and live and/or video demonstrations with working service dogs.

By the end of this training, I will have achieved the following goals:

  • Achieve better crisis response care.

  • Learn when and how to interact properly with service dogs.

  • Discern scene safety with the presence of service dogs.

  • Prevent discrimination.

  • Learn about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Understand how to be an ally to citizens with access and functional needs.

  • Link equitable access to resilience.

The benefit I will gain from participating in the course is well worth the cost. In total, it will cost our organization [PRICE]. Completing this training will contribute to my skills as an advocate for people with disabilities and overall community resilience.

Griffin offers expertise on emergency preparedness, planning, operations, and social vulnerability to hazards. Their consultants develop customized, inclusive training for emergency management and response needs. Griffin strives to provide affordable, innovative, and sustainable services with the ultimate goal of creating a safer future for our fellow citizens.

Thank you for consideration,