Service Dogs

Both emergency responders and service dogs share the same goal: to provide life-saving and stabilizing support to a person with a disability. Yet, because of the nature of a service dog’s training and the constancy of their work, it is difficult for people without disabilities to learn about service dogs through direct contact. Griffin's one-of-a-kind, audience-customized training breaks down barriers by offering hands-on handling training and demonstrations with working service dogs.

Pawsitive Interactions with Service Dogs During Response Operations

In an emergency situation, there may be circumstances in which responders have to interact with a service dog that belongs to a citizen in need. Pawsitive Interactions with Service Dogs During Response Operations teaches responders how to interact with service dogs under the rules and regulations established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and use the service dog to support the response mission, rather than viewing them as a complication or impediment.

Griffin's training is adaptable by both audience (such as police, fire, ems) and response operation (including evacuation, transport, crisis response).

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Base price: $855 for a 2-hour session. Ideal for 15-20 participants. Featuring an informative presentation and interactive demos!

Relevant & Practical Content for your Team

This training explains what service dogs are, what they do, how they contribute to individual and community resilience, and how to be an inclusive, supportive partner to those with disabilities while providing excellent care. Session participants learn from real examples of past fire and EMS response experiences as opportunities for improvement and best practices.

The session also includes demonstrations and role-playing of positive interactions with service dogs and provides opportunities for class participants to practice and witness hands-on training with live service dogs.

Praise for Pawsitive Interactions

  • The training helped Fire Marshal Anna Greenwalt of Baltimore County to better understand “The legalities when it comes to service dogs [and] what’s best to do” (shared with permission) .

  • The most helpful part of the training was “clarifying the difference between service animals and emotional support animals,” Ellen Kurland, DC FIRE & EMS Paramedic (shared with permission).

  • A first responder from NIH DFRS stated that they will use what they learned in the training to “better respond to handlers during an emergency situation” (shared with permission).

  • Training participants reported an improved understanding of legal requirements for service dogs and showed a significant increase in topic understanding from pre- to post-testing.

  • Additional feedback from participants (shared with permission):

      • "I will use what I learn on emergency calls”

      • "Very informative, well presented"

      • "First time ever having this training and it definitely clears up any gray area I had"

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